Hearty Welcome to Little Flower Convent School, Muktsar


Learning keeps you
in the lead

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Our institution stands as a shining beacon of educational achievement

Academic with a modern edge

Learning keeps you
in the lead


Learning keeps you
in the lead

Academic with a modern edge

Hearty Welcome to Little Flower Convent School, Muktsar

Little Flower

Cultivating Excellence
as Our Heritage

LFCS Muktsar

The best schools are fun, supportive and inspirational environments for young enquiring minds. Little Flower Convent Schools are all of that and more.

We have an ethos of ‘modern scholarship’ which makes learning challenging, fun and relevant. Lessons are inspiring, exploring everything from entrepreneurship and innovation to designing a sustainable future..

Academically high-achieving, rounded and responsible, Little Flower, Muktsar is as down-to earth as it is dynamic.

For us, wellbeing is key to everything, from innovative Classroom design to our Breathe environmental program.

Whoever they are or want to be, students build friendships and develop their intellect knowing they are valued and have the opportunity to make a difference.

Why Little Flower

In a rapidly changing world, our educators support and guide students, readying them for college and career. Employed strategies and programs are designed to be relevant for today’s students and tomorrow’s workforce. Together, students and staff work towards reaching our potential.

Little Flower makes purposeful connections between academic disciplines creating an authentic environment for students to participate in meaningful practicums. Our strong professional industry connections expose students to the changing expectations that have resulted from advances in technology, emerging markets, and global economies.

Learning Environment

Little Flower, Muktsar will start its very first academic session this year in a brand-new, state-of-the-art building spanning an impressive 120,000 square feet situated in a beautiful environment deeply connected with the nature and the beautiful city of Muktsar. Nestled in the heart of Muktsar, our school campus is meticulously designed to provide a nurturing environment for your child's holistic development. Our campus comprises two distinct blocks: the Administrative Block and the Junior Wing. The Senior Wing is also in the works, promising to enhance our educational offerings further.

More Reasons to Choose Little Flower
  • Multi-discipline cross-integrated curriculum.
  • Student leadership.
  • Integrated technology.
  • One to one technology access.
  • Individualized learning.
  • Real world problem solving.
  • Performing arts and technical media center.
  • Flexible and collaborative learning spaces.

Pay Fees Online

Experience the convenience of making student fee payments from anywhere, at any time. Our secure and intuitive online payment system is crafted for ease, allowing for quick and precise transactions from the comfort of your home or while on the move. This hassle-free platform ensures that managing your fee payments is a smooth and reliable process.

Little Flower Convent School, Muktsar
Little Flower

Inspiring Excellence

Excellence is a continual path, not a final stop. Our institution ignites a passion for excellence in every facet of learning and living. We nurture an environment that values innovation, encourages critical thinking, and promotes perpetual growth. Our objective is to empower students with the capabilities to adjust, prosper, and take the lead in the dynamic tapestry of the world.

Meet Our Leaders (Principal & Manager)

Warm wishes

Hello Dear Parents,
Welcome to Little Flower Convent School where quality meets legacy! Little Flower Convent School bases its education on the conviction that every child, the crowning glory of creation, can be guided to perfection, to the experience of God within him and in every element of creation, the expression of which is love and service to the humanity. To attain this sublime objective and purpose of life every child has to be provided with the physically...

Fr.Vincent Chittinappilly CST - Manager, Little Flower Convent School

Beloved Parents, Students, and Well-wishers,
Little Flower Convent School, Muktsar is an undertaking of Little Flower Education Society which runs educational and charitable activities in Kerala, Punjab, Rajasthan and U.P. and other parts of the country...

Sr Arpana DM - Principal

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