Computer Education

Now the time has come when every person seeking employment either in private or in govt. sectors inevitably finds himself/herself, confronted with the need to computer oriented and literate to meet the challenges of the time. Student must be exposed to computer environment at a younger age when they are at primary learning stage and when their ability to grasp is high. Exposure to computer field/Engineering etc. in order to equip the student to face the challenges of the modern technologies era in which computers are becoming a necessity rather than a luxury, Little Flower Convent Sr. Sec. School, Sri. Muktsar Sahib has already started computer science in the school curriculum and it will be taught as a compulsory subject from class I to VIII

Co-Curricular Activities

With a view to develop the quality of leadership and promote a healthy competition among the students, all the activities are organized on House Basis. The whole school is divided into four House named, Blue House, Green House, red House and Yellow House. The House activities are under the supervision of the house incharge teachers and house captains. Each House goes on duty for a week in rotation. Facilities are provided for all the cultural activities and various competitions are arranged frequently. The physical education is provided with healthy sports and games. Capable instruction are readily made available. Individual performance of the student is given all attention along with the instilling of sprit co-operation and sportsmanship

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